About Us

Welcome to the Flying Barrel in Frederick, Maryland!   The Flying Barrel has served many homebrewers and winemakers throughout Frederick County and beyond since 1980, and continues serve new and repeat customers. 

The shop, located at 1781 North Market Street, is well stocked with supplies and ingredients for all beer and wine making needs.  Visit the shop to get the needed supplies, or give us a call or email to have your order shipped.

At the Flying Barrel, customers are not limited to brewing or winemaking at home.  The Flying Barrel offers on premise beer brewing and winemaking.  New brewers and winemakers will find this on-premise option particularly appealing because the Flying Barrel staff will be present to provide guidance, assistance, and even handle the clean up.  Repeat customers find the on-premise option appealing for larger batches than they can do on their home systems.  Several have used the Flying Barrel on-premise facilities to host groups, like birthday party groups, bachelor party groups, etc.  This is an excellent way to learn brewing and winemaking while having some fun!

What you'll find at the Barrel